Action: Leadership Tweeting on Sexual and Reproductive Health for Key Populations In East & Southern Africa

Action: Leadership Tweeting on Sexual and Reproductive Health for Key Populations: Let us join them all on the cyberspace!
JOHANNESBURG – SAfAIDS is hosting the Leadership is protecting “All” Tweet@able Regional Policy Dialogue on Integrated SRH and HIV services for Key Populations in East and Southern Africa. The dialogue, which takes place from the 2nd to the 3rd of April, will be hosted at the Airport Grand Hotel in Johannesburg. It is part of the SAfAIDS rock leadership programme, which seeks to promote access to integrated SRH and HIV services for key populations in the region.  Join the dialogue at:,  or Stay Connected on SAfAIDS Facebook:

The purpose of the Tweet@ble Regional Policy Dialogue is to:
– Explore policy options for strengthening sexual and reproductive health services access and uptake in reducing the burden of HIV among key populations in east and southern Africa
– Generate practical recommendations for policy on how to address SRH and HIV concerns for key populations in the post 2015 development agenda
Expected Outcomes:
– Adopt a policy position on strengthening HIV and SRH interventions for key populations in the Post 2015 agenda
– Create a platform for increased policy dialogue on addressing discrimination on key populations that affects uptake of comprehensive SRH and HIV information and services.
– Enhanced role of leadership in protecting the rights of key populations to access SRH and HIV services
Running under the theme: “Guaranteeing SRHR for Key Populations in the Post-2015 Development Agenda: A call for Leadership and Accountability for Improved Health Outcomes in ESA”, the dialogue will be attended by representatives of the African Union, SADC, Key populations, civil society organisations, National AIDS Councils, relevant Ministries and funding agencies. The Former President of Mozambique His Excellency, Joaquim Chissano will grace this occasion and give the keynote address.

In an effort to encourage all interested parties who will not be at the dialogue to participate, SAfAIDS will avail an opportunity for those not attending the Dialogue to engage in the proceedings through social media mediums such as Twitter and Facebook through live update streaming and in the process providing an opportunity for their feedback and views to be shared with delegates attending the timeous and important event.
For more information, and be able to view profiles of key speakers and presenters visit,
Or contact:


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