En train d’evaluer my 365 days with Uganda Red Cross & April Update

Brian Kanaahe M BilalIts gotta be joyeux pâques greetings:-and well, since I retired from relgion (not God) in 1999, having been expelt from St. Paul’s seminary…my Christian background hasn’t left me yet! (Neither has my Muslim experience in Cairo, Niamey & Porto-Novo). Hoping every one’s Easter was what they expected:-and am not so certain about that, as our trade mark ‘How are you?’ is usually responded with, ‘Iam fine’ despite not having supper last night Clignement d'œil Eish! #Life!

But, hell, that aint what I wanna write about in this blog post Surpris I wanna interestingly want to write about my work! As you might be aware, I was once on mission with the African Union before changing my mind to stay with the Uganda Red Cross as their Programmes Manager for First Aid and Road Safety. A full detail of my work can be seen at the Guidelines International Network Conference in Melbourne this August! http://www.gin2014.com.au/invited_speakers.html. <<What a hell of bio! Clignement d'œil I cant wait to be back to Australia where my quest to start and suspend my Doctorate course (thanks to expensive everything) successfully started and ended. This time, its gonna be a different town though, and hey, the bloody Doctorate will be done, as long as Iam still here on earth! For now…..

On May 1st, I will be making 365 days officially with the Uganda Red Cross Society as a staff! (Claps)..No wait, what does that mean? What do I have to show for it? Has my work made any difference from where I found it? Where is the #Brian effect? That’s my question! I know that on 1st May 2016, my contract will be out, and just like I promised myself that I’d make a contribution to the organisation that I joined when I was still a virgin (it doesn’t mean Iam not now Clignement d'œil #Nerds #Retards), I wanna see something:-the Brian Effect! Yes…otherwise, it’d be another programme manager on-the-long-chain, but that aint who I wanna be known when I finally leave the institution. 365 days may look so bloody long, but looking back, afew months ago, I was being shown around, getting introduced to ‘new’ colleagues, learning about the organisational culture, just like a kid on his first day at school. And yes, I made some mistakes which in the world of football, we call ‘Professional fowls…but I learnt from them, and that’s why I feel 2014 has been different from the start. I feel that Iam at the right institution (despite its current challenges), and I know that Iam doing the right things, and things right….#LessonsLearntFromMyMPH. Today, I was amazed when an in charge of a certain branch (names with held) called and said, ‘this philosophy of sending us concepts to guide us on our work makes my life sooooooo easy. It reflects that you know what you are doing, and what you want’. I was a little taken aback, as I thought the gentleman was just pulling my leg, but 5 minutes and 13 seconds into the conversation, I realised that, this one hell of a guy meant every bloody letter of what he meant! Aha! So, isnt that, what the great, Davis called #TheMostSignificantChange? Thanks to Maria Hyttel who gave me an intro into that! Wherever she is, in the bloody good deserts of Niger…Bonjour Mmeselle!

I still think about, all the time…young people tell me, its called Quality Shit! During the 2nd African Conference on Water & Sanitation (2011), Mr Kagame- President of Rwanda amazed the crowd when he stated that his speech was going to be about talking about shit! haha! We mean to say, is what you are doing guided by quality standards? Because, if its to be scientific, you must quantify it and qualify itMotus et bouche cousueLessonslearntFromAlbertEinstein. Having spent my Easter holiday chillaxing at home, and listening to loud music, Iam back to Kampala for some paper work…and guess what May is gotta bring!!! Field work!!!! Yes! That time to meet our first aid trainers, project branches, and running away from the usually dusty, overcrowded and I don’t-know-whats of Kampala gotta be missed. Good quality and quantity shit got to be done before my contract really runs out, as I wont be asking for 2nd term, 3rd term, 4th term….10th term… haha! (winks)

Stay safe!

© Brian Bilal

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this blog post do not reflect those of my current/future employers.



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