#Ugandans #Mbarara: Applications for Uganda Red Cross International Youth Exchange Programme 2014- Belgium


Mbarara Branch Interviews Requirements for Applicants

• should be a trained First Aider
• should have skills in HIV/AIDs prevention and peer education.
• Should have training and leadership skills.
• Should have 3 years of Red Cross /Youth work experience.
• Should be available for the project for about a year as a full time volunteer.
• Should be a youth (registered) member/volunteer and have a valid membership card.
• Should be self-motivated creative and innovative.
• Should be ready to participate in all planned activities.
• Should have the ability to participate and contribute effectively towards the set goals of the program.
• Should not have participated in a European youth exchange programme before.
• Should be experienced to work with children
• should have knowledge of URCS activities and principles.
• Should be fluent in English – spoken and written.
• Should have attained a level of education not below S.4
• should be aged between 20-25years.
• Should be open minded, willing to express and confront one’s own values and opinions.
• Must not be in a candidate class
• should be flexible (especially to different culture, accommodation etc).

Applications from prospective candidates should reach the office of the Uganda Red Cross Society Regional Programme Officer-Mbarara Region P O Box 524 Mbarara, Uganda by 27th April 2014 Interviews for successful Regional candidates are expected to be held on 30th April 2014. Any form of lobbying will lead to immediate cancellation of the applicant.


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