Youth Policy Dialogue “Prioritising an investment in Youth Development in the Post 2015 era”

The youth delegates selected to participate in the dialogue must be abreast of issues related to youth in their countries, conversant of the post-2015 agenda process and could engage in quality discussions. About 200 youth delegates both African and international are expected to attend. For Governments officials planning to attend the event, kindly contact the organizers directly using the email:

Participants should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Being actively involved and nominated  by a youth organisation (local, national, regional, international) as volunteers, trainers and/or youth workers. Each organization can nominate upto to 2 applicants- a male and a female;
  • Aged between 18-35 years old;
  • Being involved in an organisation, project or initiative that aims at the participation of young people in Post 2015 agenda process/decision and policy making.
  • Be committed to attend the full duration of the meeting
  • Be a key multiplier playing an active role within her/his youth organization, at national or regional level, and plan to continue this work in the near future..

How to apply

All applicants fulfilling the criteria and interested to participate should send the enclosed application form to by the 30th June 2014. Please complete the Application Form in English. The document file must be saved in Microsoft Word format with filename “LAST NAME_First Name_Country Name.docx” (in this format). You can download the application form HERE.

The application form should be sent together with a letter of recommendation from the sending organisation, clearly stating the applicant’s engagement and relevant competency in the Post-2015 Agenda process and the possibility of follow-up regarding the main aims of the meeting.

You should receive a confirmation of reception of your application within one week. If you don’t receive it, please inform us.

The selection will be carried out by the Youth Steering Committee and the pedagogical team. The selection will seek regional, organisational and gender balance. Thefinal results will be announced until 14th July 2014.


The organizers will do their best to fully cover the travel costs of all the selected African participants and accommodation and meals will be assured by the organizers for the entire duration of the meeting. International participants are responsible of their own travel, accommodation and meals costs for the duration of the meeting. Selected participants will receive an invitation to participate from the organizers in which the logistics of participation will be outlined.

Organizations which are able to cover the participation costs, fully or partially, of their nominees are requested to state so in the application form and they will be given higher consideration in the selection.


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