Giving Women Control: Bring the #FemaleCondom to Chile

Its been kinda long, when I last sat down to write something of interest:-for me, 3 weeks without writing a freaky public health message on this page is rather an unforgivable sin only diluted if you buy me a drink! H20 to be exact! Sourire Hoping every one is FOCUSED on each day that passes. I was stuck in field activities in prehospital all over the country, but that aint what I wanna present. A colleague from Chile kindly asked me to share this article on this blog, and you can bet your last dollar, that she is spot on. Here is the news straight from Santiago, Chile — (SBWIRE) where this organisation is implementing a country-altering plan to protect women from HIV. #ReadOn










In Chile, most HIV positive women are transmitted HIV by their husbands in their own beds. In other words, their partners engage in extra-marital relationships with other men or women and then refuse to use a male condom. An additional challenge to preventing HIV transmission is that Chilean society says that as soon as a woman in a long-term relationship requests the use of a condom, she is suspected of cheating. So women don’t ask. They trust their partners and many are exposed to HIV, left widows and caring for their children alone, fighting discrimination and economic hardship. Doesn’t this sound familiar to some one from local settings in Nepal, Uganda or Niger? The (sad) law of patriachy in our communities where any one with 2 balls is expected to live like a ‘man’ takes its effects to Chile too.


But wait, female condoms can be used by women with zero participation from their partner, giving them more control over exposure to HIV and protection from pregnancy. But there are no female condoms in Chile. The International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS Chile recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to forever change this. Male involvement will need to be emphasised as there is a risk of increased violence-related events against women,:-if and that’s a big IF, men are left behind.

The project plans to
1) Generate grass-roots understanding and demand
2)Acquire in Bulk
3 Regional Teams to distribute and teach and promote use of female condom
4) Present documented interest to the government, petitioning their incorporation into Chilean Health System

The Female Health Company has already pledged 1,000 female condoms to the campaign. The ICW team will target Chile’s approximately 70,000 sex workers who already show great demand for the product, attempt to generate a culture of female condom use with Chi

le’s youngest female generation, and focus on regions of the country with the highest HIV rates. The desired final outcome is that women in Chile are more empowered to control their sexuality, reproduction and prevent their exposure to HIV.

We can only then hope that deep evaluations to ascetain the impact of this programme will be conducted and can henceforth be replicated in other countries and settings same as in Chile!

For more informations Sourire

Indiegogo Page: Video:

Carolynn Poulsen: Program Manager-Gender, Sexuality and Reproduction-International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS Chile Email:


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