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And June just comes in just-like-that! Exactly 6 more months, we gonna be done with this year! Sourire Oh, that reminds me of what I watched on NTV-Uganda, yesterday night, over a certain Pastor in Kenya claiming the world is coming to an obvious end in March 2017! Cant really believe that hullabaloo, as I already have a ‘life project’ to run in 2018! In fact, the United Nations Decade of Action stems from 2011-2020. Without a mention, the World Health Organization, earlier this year made a ground breaking world wide 2014-2020 Disability Action Plan..needless to say, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement already has plans for 2011-2020 strategies. So, if someone really is thinking of the world coming to an end in the apocalypses style, gotta be thinkin Triste Triste Triste Triste Surpris Surpris Surpris But wait, before I was expelt from St Paul’s Seminary in 1999, I was informed that no one knows the hour, except the creator! haha!

So, my brother fell sick while finishing his engineering exams (sounds to me the kid suffered from Brian-Mania:-the fear of failing) and had my tired body hurled into the gates of International Hospital Kampala. Luckly enough, that wasn’t a rabbit-in-the-forest with regards to the treatment, leave alone a scar in the pockets (If you know what I mean $$$$). As fate would have it, I missed 2 big events: A national first aid simulation organized in Entebbe by the Civil Aviation Authority in partnership with among other Institutions, the biggest humanitarian organization in Uganda:-arguably the only organization I’d work for in Uganda-the prestigious Uganda Red Cross Society. But, reports say, boys did very well! Respects to all the volunteers who participated. It tells a lot about our institution, and hell yes, you were taught by the best Sourire

With 373 days remaining until the end of my contract as a programme manager for first aid and road safety, my quest for questioning myself over the question of ‘Where is the Brian-Effect?” continues to inevitably haunt me everyday I report to work. Once, a friend told me to ‘calm down’ as Jesus also took a drinkNyah-Nyah But, that aint what I intend to do. When a man sets out hunting, and comes back with a frog instead of meat, he is considered a boy (African proverb) and bloody hell, Iam aint no boy. #LesVoyagesContinuent

Then, came martyrs day preparations. On the side of prehospital care, our interest is to ensure safety of our first aiders as well as casualties receiving professional and fast first aid services. With over 1,000,000 pilgrims from all over the world expected in Namugogongo, the Uganda Red Cross has no problem in stationing well trained and equipped first responders. So, if you are participating, be on the look out for beautiful and handsome people with a Red Cross emblem on their dresses! Don’t harm them, they are there to save lives. Sourire

After spending 3 nights, well to sound fair, awake, my supervisor today, gave me a green light to report to work on Wednesday…and I touched down Mbarara-my current home town safely. Just out of curiosity, I remembered that I offered Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture for my Advanced level studies. Out of all these subjects, I noticed over the years, afgriculturemania-my self-invented term to mean, the fear of young African professionals to practice agriculture has been taken over board. It’s on this platform that I agree with the President of Uganda over the strength of agriculture in the Economy of the country and the individual:-upon which I have spent my few hours doing floriculture, and planting vegetables around the house.:-Just like Maggie Kigozi:-if you’ve seen her do the magic before Sourire Iam faced with big challenges over the rain, but wait, I studied irrigation..

Looking forward to what Juin is gonna bring,

Stay Safe



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