Call For Guest #PublicHealth & #InternationalHealth Bloggers & Freaks!


The Public Health Freaks Team has every public health related opportunity in Africa well planned for our July posts. Our enthusiastic readers will however have to see something different! We are planning two full weeks of fabulous posts from healthy lifestyle bloggers, prehospital care bloggers, Injury, Disability, Violence Prevention, Water and Sanitation and without a doubt Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights from 19th  to 30th July 2014. The internet is brimming with great blogs  and we want to have the opportunity to share these fabulous bloggers and their blogs with our readers from all over the world. What do we need your help with? Have a blog? We want you to apply to be one of our six guest bloggers!
Below you will find the requirements to apply to be a Public Health Our Concern.WordPress. com Guest Blogger. Please submit your information and proposal to  with subject:”July Guest Blogger Application – {Name of Your Blog If any}”

Submit a post proposal of 250 words or less. Be familiar with the blog. While we don’t need you to write a full post for us, we would like to have a clear, concise understanding of the post you would like to write. What’s it about? Why is it a good fit for our audience? Is it a recipe? Why would our readers want to read it or make it?

Guest bloggers must agree to post on their blog (on the date post is published on and social media networks that their readers can find their guest post at the

Completed posts will be due no later than July 15th, 2014.

You might want to visit Our FaceBook Page to be sure of what we are interested in.

Good luck!

Brian Kanaahe Bilal


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