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Read over 150 free articles on key HIV/AIDS research

Dear Colleague
To coincide with AIDS 2014, the 20th International AIDS Conference, our Health & Social Care Arena theme for July is HIV/AIDS Research. To help you stay up-to-date on the latest research we’ve made over 150 articles free to read online.
Topics covered:

  • Children, Young People, and Families
  • Communication and Education
  • Funding and Resources
  • Key Affected Populations
  • Politics, Policy, and Human Rights

Read the collection on our Health & Social Care Arena today.
You can also browse a selection of key books, find out how to submit your article to a special issue on HIV, Sex, and Relationships, or sign up for new issue alerts so you never miss the latest articles. Find out more here.
Kind regards,
Caroline Blake
Routledge Health & Social Care

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