First Day: Checking in #SouthernHotelCapeSun For #GRSPAfricaSeminar #ChildSafety

Look of Cape Town from my room

Wooop! With only a jet lag to complain about:-now we have an explanation why I don’t have any hunger, I have just successfully checked in at Southern Hotel Cape Sun in undeniably one of the most admired African cities I ever checked in! Ladies and gentlemen, behold, the Cape Town Sourire As you leave the airport, you cant just not get jealous of the Cape’s road design and management. Cape Town, possibly holds the tittle for the longest forgiving road in Africa. It can be seen right from the Airport and straight into the banlieu’s of the town. Its something that had my mouth gaping, because If our leaders do really travel to these places, and yet my local town-Mbarara doesn’t yet have a single pedestrian pathway: you keep playing the see-saw game.

I cant forget to still note what a normal Ugandan would call ‘abnormal behaviour’ of the drivers in the Cape! I nodded in approval when my ‘pilot’ buckled up immediately he stepped into the car. Little did he know Iam a road safety freak, as he found me already buried in the seatbelt. He asked me ‘Are you really Ugandan?’. Ofcourse I tried to explain the 2 person theory of a human being:-the individual and the society: but I was trying to bullshit him. In real sense, the behaviour of our road users in developing countries is wanting. We give no respect to road signs, road traffic lights (where they exist and are functional), and you know what happens over these ‘Speeding’ ‘Helmet usage’ programmes and etc. We need to really style up HARD.

After a quick shower, and I switch on my TV and booooooooooooooom! Just like Piers Morgan would respond! Its half time and we are leading by 2-0!!!!!!! So, I confortably chillax and have my eyes glued to the screen to ensure that the season’s first cup comes back to the Emirates! Atlast, we’re beginning to show the world, that we still exist. I have my personal views on the current Arsenal squad and with the former ‘VERMINATOR’ leaving, and still relying on ‘Always New Year Signing’, Monsieur Diaby as the holding midfielder Triste Oh, and Giroud can score from a distance! That was a slight error. Sourire

Before I go to bed, I must meet up with some of the organising team members who are around yet and catch up! Its been bloody 1.6 years since I last saw them phyisically! Gotta know the plans for tomorrow and how we advance this agenda. Oh, and let no one remind me of the thesis! For goooooodneeesss sake! Clignement d'œil

#StaySafe Superstars.


The #PublicHealthFreak #PublicHealthBastard


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