a public and probably sincere apology to engineer abraham byandala

I like the ‘stupid’ approach to writing this article! Kinda like my ‘public health freak’, ‘public health bastard’ catch phrase! Big minded Mr Kaheru!..>>Read on folks…


Abraham Byandala


I Apologise To Engineer Abraham Byandala, Minister of Works and Transport in Uganda; I realise that I have been stupid and hereby regret my ways.

I have been waiting for Eng. Byandala to issue a clarification about the statements so far attributed to him in the Eutaw Construction case of the Katosi-Nyenga road in Mukono because they make him appear to be of diminished intellect, whereas judging from his position in society and past responsibilities, he is most certainly not.
In fact, I want to now apologise to Eng. Byandala because I am clearly the one who is stupid, as far as this issue is concerned.
Stupid because my understanding of things is so much at variance with the reasoning put forward by Eng. Byandala and the facts of the case as they have been presented by the media thus far; and since it looks as if arguing…

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