From #Namibia to #Home to #Packing Again- The Journey Continues #NextWHODirectorGeneral #Attitude

2014-10-27 11.08.55

I finally (successfully) finished #MissionToNamibia from 27th-31st October 2014 in Windhoek! It’s kinda funny how that ‘Windhoek’ is pronounced as ‘Vindok’ and I came to learn, that’s the right way in Afrikaans:- hello diversity. My thoughts of the conference will be published live @YOURS_YforRS in afew days time. In a nut shell: ‘While the #MissionToNamibia was to ensure that voices of young people at a country regional and global level are felt by key decision makers, the mission will not be certified ‘successful’ until there is a sustainable, recognized youth network of young people for road safety in Namibia. This will be addressed by the forthcoming call for National Road Safety Youth Champions-Oooops! I’ve just let the cat out of the bag. Stay tuned for this too then!”

I spent the following weekend at Bishop Stuart University where, together with young German Red Crossvolunteer, Lisa conducted another road safety and prehospital care awareness for udnergraduate students of public health. As they don’t study that under their course, it was important they could get the experience from a developed country like German with such a complexed and advanced health system. Possibly, these students will be great public health leaders (like myself) in the near future. #Aha!

After the weekend, I rolled myself into report writing and handover reports for the Uganda Red Cross. It’s no longer rumours, but, Iam officially out of the #RedCrossArmy for now. Since I was 12, I have been a member of the Uganda Red Cross, proudly serving as a volunteer on different platforms and missions until 2012 when I became a proud staff. But 2 years, is already a good time and while Iam sad to leave (because of organisational status), It’s for a good cause.

Together with my Uncle, we decided to spend the most recent weekend at home with my parents:-for the first time since May 2014. As you can guess, we had a lot to talk about. As I was turning tables, I found a rather inspirational piece of my work when I was in Primary Seven in 1998! And, it was about my new Employers! How timely! Sourire As an 11 year old learning about the Organisation of African Unity-which has now changed to African Union, that could be evidence of an education-going –good. So, that’s my new souvenir! hehe!

The coming weekend is nothing other than packing, because bwoy, that #NextWHODirectorGeneral #Attitude keeps burning, and who knows, it might as well turn into a reality. A tortoise once said, ‘Slow but sure wins the race’. Sourire


Stay safe



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