Arrived and kinda settled-in at my new home- Addis Ababa #MissionToAfricanUnion


After hurriedly (or was it) handing over at, without un visage impassible-the biggest humanitarian organisation in Uganda; the Uganda Red Cross, I hurled my hovering eagle eyes into Mbarara, where I insanely packed the basic needs (that included my faithful wife- soccer ball and boots) and headed to the airport. As usual, the wizard of traffic Jam along Entebbe road was at her voodoo climax although I emerged on top of her to be at Entebbe International Airport (so it’s called yet it’s the only airport in Uganda) 1.4 hours before takeoff. (claps)

Upon, arrival, 2 security officers (who passionately do their job) asked me the usual question, ‘Which flight?’. ‘ET 332 please’, I responded in a hasty voice. ‘Your passport?’, demanded one of the security officers. With the idea of missing my flight running in circles in my cerebrum, I responded, ‘Officer, thank you for asking, but Iam in a hurry, I might miss my flight because the passport is far’. But the officer couldn’t take any of that bull shit, as he made me unpack and repack in 5 minutes:-which is ok for security reasons. Then came the 4th question of the year,’ Your passport says you are Ugandan. But you are not Ugandan. Did you buy this passport? Is it yours? Tell me! Some of you, come here and buy these things. What are you going to do in Ethiopia? Show me your ticket, and the return ticket. And since your surname suggests you are from Ankole-region, can you express yourself in Runyankole?’ Putain! Putain! Answering and satisfying these officers, took me around 28 minutes: and my fears were confirmed, as the check in gate just closed as I was entering. Luckly, ET runs nearly like daily flights, so I instead chilled and was booked on the 12:00am flight via Kigali.

At exactly 5:27am,in the morning of 15th Nov 2014, we were touching down Addis Ababa where everyone I could ask for something would respond in a language I suppose is Arhmaric. And after afew ‘Where is some one to pick me-type of aura’?, a friend , Darwit whom I’d met at Jupiter hotel in 2011 during the 2nd African Road Safety Conference, got me a nearby guest house: Cozy Hymmleya located along Djibout road. In the evening as our Uganda Cranes were winning 1-0 against the Black Stars of Ghana, I met Betty Mupenda (from DRC and Kenya), Mishak (from Kenya) and Etim (from Nigeria) and had a very interesting and fruitful discussion about-well, everything. Calm down. On Sunday of 16th Nov 2014, I signed out of the guest house to join up my new mates in Gotera. As my new mates preferred to spend their morning with a mission to see Jesus at their newly discovered church, the public health bastard preferred to take a look around-walking for 2 km as far as the Pepsi-Cola packaging Unit in Addis Ababa. Interestingly, I haven’t seen any label of ‘Clinics’-something that is special for such a country with close to 90million people. I need to understand the public health structure of this country! What is the response protocol when someone falls sick In my country, Uganda, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to walk 2km in a town before seeing health care being sold. I haven’t seen much yet, but tomorrow, Iam live, for the first time at the African Union Commission Offices-and what a new experience it’s gonna be! Let the virginity of the business-as-usual be broken J

Stay safe

Brian Bilal Kanaahe Mwebaze

© Views expressed herein do not represent those of my current or future employers.


2 thoughts on “Arrived and kinda settled-in at my new home- Addis Ababa #MissionToAfricanUnion

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  1. what! , I can not imagine how a police guy made you miss a flight!!!! As Christians we believe that in every thing weather good or bad give thanks,but finally you reached well.

    am interested to know how those guys handle health care issues, since they do not have roaming clinics like in Uganda. You mean the government does not allow private clinic? if yes i think their health care system is well equipped.
    thank you.
    have fun.(of course yes!!)

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