#SaveKidsLives campaign officially launched #ChildSafety

Youth for road safety
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#Newsflash November 2014
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Today we see the online launch of the #SaveKidsLives campaign. This is the official campaign for the Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week. #SaveKidsLives is calling for action to save children’s lives on the roads around the world and its very easy for you to take part! Watch the 70 second animation below for instructions:

skl video widge


#SaveKidsLives principles:
Read it, Sign it, Show it, Deliver it!

Read it:
Kids the world over inspired the Child Declaration for Road Safety. They voiced their thoughts and fears about travelling on the roads. They said what they need to be kept safe on the roads. In a joint effort, the world’s experts also outlined measures that must be taken. Together we call upon decision-makers worldwide to take action and protect children.

Sign it:
By signing the Child Declaration for Road Safety you are helping to:

– call for action to stop the growing number of road deaths worldwide;
– ask decision makers to save kids’ lives by putting road safety in place;
– support the movement for road safety led by children around the world.

Show it:

Show your support for the campaign by taking an easy #Safie:

1) Download the signboard!
2) Write your road safety message
3) Take a photo.
4) Share it on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Safie and #SaveKidsLives.

Every month we will choose the #Safie of the month and show it on the website.

take a safie

Deliver it
In May 2015 the Third UN Global Road Safety Week will take place. Around then, we will all deliver the Child declaration to our local and global leaders.

How can you help further?

1)  Share the campaign on your website, social media.
2)  Send a newsletter / email to your network about www.SaveKidsLives2015.org.
3)  Invite all your colleagues and friends to Read the Child Declaration, to Sign it and take a #Safie. If necessary, translate the Declaration and send it to info@savekidslives2015.org.
4)  Start thinking about delivering the Child Declaration to decision-makers in May 2015, during the UN Week. To who should it go? How could you involve children.

 Visit the Save Kids Lives website now!

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