Are you or know an adolescent interested? All in! Engagement Strategy for Adolescents, with Adolescents Meeting, Harare, Zimbabwe. Deadline 27 Sept 2015

A 2-day strategic meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe November 25-26, 2015

Y+ and the PACT are working with the UN family to organize an adolescent and youth specific consultation around ICASA to inform the All in! strategy and implementation in the 25 focus countries i.e.

18 countries in Africa :-
Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

7 countries in the rest of the World:-
India, Brazil, Haiti, Ukraine, Iran, Indonesia and Thailand

All in!  “Is described as an agenda for accelerating positive results for adolescents (including ALHIV, adolescent girls in SSA, A_MSM, A_IDUs, A_sex workers) in the HIV response”

Here attached, is the call for applications from adolescents in the above 25 countries. 

We ask you to share with adolescent leaders within your networks at country level, especially those who have been involved in All in! discussions/engagements.

The deadline for submission is September 27, 2015.

Application form:

All-in Adolescent & Youth Consultation Meeting

Developing an All in! Engagement Strategy for Adolescents, with Adolescents

A 2-day strategic meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe

November 25-26, 2015


This consultation is to take place at the beginning of a multi-year country level process led by adolescent and youth leaders in 25 target countries. Its core purpose is to enhance the involvement of adolescents at the global and country level and to sharpen adolescent targets and indicators in national HIV and SRHR plans. Concretely, the meeting will consist of a two day consultation to conduct the following activities:

  • Agree on a coordination mechanism to ensure proper and timely communications within the group and an improved reflection of country level perspectives;
  • Develop priority actions to promote adolescents/youth engagement within each of the work streams and develop indicators/tools to measure adolescent and youth meaningful participation;
  • Revise and build on the All-in framework care package to advise the social change agenda of All- in!
  • Develop an action plan at the country level reaching adolescents at the community level (community dialogues), and
  • Identify key advocacy messages to represent the agenda at the country level.
  • Develop Adolescent/Youth engagement Strategy in All-in agenda soliciting adolescents’ views from all the above activities.


One representative from each of the All-in 25 lead countries, and other self-funded technical partners.

Criteria for selection of participants includes:

  • Previous participation in the All-in national processes, including national assessments, and/or be suggested through existing networks supported by young people.
  • Diverse representation of young people, including young key populations and young people living with HIV at the national level with consideration to gender/age balance.
  • Gender/age balance and representation.
  • Parental consent / chaperone will be required for minors.
  • English and/or French proficiency is required.
  • Demonstrated past voluntary experience or membership in HIV networks


We are currently accepting nominations from PACT partners and members ONLY. We will appreciate that partners leverage the networks of their country offices to identify these nominees. Nominees will need to meet most or all of the criteria listed above. Please use the form below to send in your nominations by Sept. 25, 2015.

Send completed nomination forms, or questions to

  All-in! Consultation Participant Nomination Form

Full Name and affiliation of Person Nominating Participant


Full Name of Nominee






Gender (choose one)

[ ]Male [ ]Female [ ]Trans-male [ ]Trans-female [ ]Non-conforming

Key Affected Population(s) Representing

Organization Affiliation

(Please include membership in youth networks)


Past voluntary experiences/activities


Contact Information




Short bio of nominee (please focus on nominee’s experience in adolescent health advocacy, and any prior participation in the All-in! process)


Accommodations required (e.g. dietary, mobility or visual, etc)


Language proficiency

[ ]English (spoken) [ ]English (reading) [ ]French (spoken) [ ]French (reading)

Other (specify):__________________

For under 18 only:

Name/Contact details of Chaperon


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