Week4 Update! Goodbye September, Application deadlines for Regional Focal Point West & Central Africa today & Rest-In-Peace MDGs!

No practicing Muslim friend inviting me for pilao… et cetera, ranks what Piers Morgan would tweet ‘Boooooooom’!but am insanely calm as a castrated he-goat. Why would one invite a guy just to increase the chances of filling his toilet? Oh damn! Iam showing signs and symptoms of not saying the word, and yes Booom! I’m gonna have to say it! Shit! Yes, if you’re a normal person, you should by now have known we don’t have MDGs anymore! Rest-In-Peace MDGs! A new child with 17 heads has been born in the name of #SDGs! One thing I can say to a 99.9% Confidence Interval:-The SDGs have been consultative! Quite frankly, they are abnormally inclusive. Smile Whether they will be implemented to the level of where we’re supposed to be instead of the usual political hysteria of where we have come from, is another course unit to discuss! But we all know that Global Goals will only be realized in a world of peace, security and respect for human rights – UN Assembly. Details http://bit.ly/1jqvnlg

20150925_130328Between 23rd- 25th September 2015, thanks to United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation, Mann Library, Cornell University, ITOCA-SouthAfrica & Bishop Stuart University, together with other colleagues, I finally came to be certified as a Trainer of Trainers in perhaps, the world’s biggest health research package-Organisation mondiale de la santé (World Health Organization)’s HINARI, FAO’s AGORA under ‪#‎Research4Life‬ Packages. Embarrassingly, I didn’t see the point of attending to learn about ‘research in agriculture’:-I mean what the hell? Why would a cock watch a cat’s fight? Thanks to our e-Library specialist Annet for throwing light into an abyss of darkness which had, inadverntly blocked my cerebrum! So, the face funders are FAO and quite clearly, a blind man could see why they wanted Agriculture package AGORA to play the lead role. There was HINARI!!!!! In fact, this scares the hell outta me, to note these packages are worth 3.5 Billion Uganda Shillings. There is too much resources and boy, my word, if public health students ever again tell me they don’t have access to information, I’m gonna have to ….I leave that to myself! It was interesting to see why we need to focus on‪#‎Research4Development‬ instead of this politically correct inclination bullshit to ‪#‎Research4Academics‬. I mean, come on! You have 50 published papers in academic journals but you have no real action on the ground? What the hell is this research for? Pass me that juice! Smile with tongue out


On Friday, 25th September, I met with Dr Viola Director MUST-Institute of Interdisciplinary Training and Research for a discussion on the forthcoming WoMena research collaboration. If you haven’t heard about WoMena, this is an NGO working with an evidence based approach to social issues in low-income contexts, focusing on menstrual management, family planning, reproductive health care & gender.You can find more info HERE. Watch this space. Quite interesting programmes coming up for student volunteers interested in putting their necks where the rest wouldn’t think! Menstrual Hygiene Management discussion foras, research, cultural exchange and related public health bullshit! You gotta love it!


In Gunner related news, finally, we came back to winning ways! Tottenham knows it! They’re forever in our shadows! Wait, the real news should be Flamini couldn’t match the hare-speed of Leceister!!! Arsenal returned to playing like how a gunner would play! Ruthless, pace, hunger is all we needed to beat a terribly organised Leceister City 5-2courtsey of a hatrick from That-Chilean! Thierry Henry wannabe Theo Walcott levelled and What’s His Name-Giroud scored another. I don’t know what Ranieri feeds his players on! Boy, they never tire! Jeez, and who the hell is VARDY? Perhaps, the old foe Ferguson should come out of retirement and sign him up? Let’s hope,we can take this momentum to Champs league game on Tuesday, but I have no comment for the Sunday game. 90% of all gonners know how this gonna end! Open-mouthed smile I need my pop corns.


September 28 was World Rabies Day where global health arena seeks to raise awareness about rabies and enhance its control and prevention especially on taking steps that can help to prevent and control rabies, such as vaccinating pets , dogs and cats. It also includes providing education to communities on the high risk animals that typically transmit rabies: raccoons, bats, skunks, and foxes. I hope no one rears any of these as pets. Apart from tweeting about it, I’m afraid I didn’t do anything practical on this day. Did you? Would love hearing how you promoted this day! I already vaccinated my cat anyways.

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Who is at scene (blackspots) of road traffic crash before your traffic police (If ever they will come) and referral systems (where existent) are activated? The By-standers, community members, you. Are you trained in basic first aid & road safety? How can you, with minimum or no resources stabilise casualties and increase their chances of survival? Thanks to @BelgiumRedCrossFlanders, Uganda Red Cross Society today just finished training of lay responders at selected blackspots in Mbarara City to answer these questions. This is not the first time such interventions are being done. Results from effective follow up and evaluation will prove us right or wrong! ‪#‎Humanity‬ Contact the Uganda Red Cross in your district, if you need training!



  • REMINDER: Application for Regional Focal Point for the West and Central Africa Region closes tonight! Application form for Regional Focal Point for WCA: http://goo.gl/forms/aSjkSpLPb7    (Please read the description in the application form thoroughly before completing the form)
  • Next open meeting for our WHS Working Group will be next Sunday!October 4th, at 13:00 GMT/UTC.Please check our Info Center for current projects and initiatives and how to contribute

Next blog post key themes:

  • My participation in Guidelines International Network Conference 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 7th-10th October 2015. Follow prior madness at #GIN2015 hashtag
  • My signing out of the African Union Commission assignment, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 12th October 2015
  • My participation in Global Consultation to the World Humanitarian Summit, Geneva, Switzerland 13th-17th October 2015




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