#GIN2015 in Amsterdam! My usual shittly rewarding experience from Day 1

It’s 302 days since I came from Guidelines International Network 2014 which was held in sweet Melbourne under perhaps, the most sexiest theme I’ve seen so far  ‘Creation and Innovation: Guidelines in the digital age’. Today, we just finished day 1 of Guidelines International Network 2015 in calm Amsterdam under the theme “Engaging all stakeholders. Guidelines from a societal perspective” . Unless you’re not interested in which case you shouldn’t have come here in the first place, you should have seen that the conference provides a unique opportunity to learn and share knowledge and experiences regarding stakeholder involvement in guideline development, adaptation, implementation, and evaluation. These platforms are not just for doctors and health care specialists Smile There’re a wide range of disciplines from Psychology to Computer geeks. I’d bet my last dollar to have  clinic receptions lay first aiders and all forms of politicians to be here! Open-mouthed smile But, that’s not what would make a chicken cross the road or would it? :/

Early this morning, the prestigious Guidelines International Network Najoua Milika Cabbanne 2015 Award went to a man and half! @GINConference Board member #PhilipVanDerWees #Gin2015 . I’m confident that If I can ‘plagiarise’ his work record, passion and energy, I could be presented the same award before Jesus comes back! Congrats and I feel rather sorry, we didn’t treat him to a standing ovation! I felt (I mean to say thought), this was very inspiring, recognizing time and dedication that researchers invest. I do however, think that GIN could set a record to become, the first and fast institution to set ‘Young Researcher Awards’ at such platforms too. A GIN definition of young researcher wouldn’t mean (with all my respects) how many papers have been published, rather how much of your research has been translated to practice. We all know that, action research is the way, the truth and life in public health practice. A young researcher wouldn’t just be a doctoral or post doctoral student but any one below the age of 35.0 with a working brain good enough to discover the undiscoverable. You will note that I haven’t suggested a lower limit age bracket, as we know of some 14 and 21 year old research geeks whom, I think, could be good enough to attend to these events. We need more young professionals (also called young people although I find this demeaning) who could actually help in promoting GIN conferences on social media and all the creativity they are so bloody and insanely good at. Smile Is that look below just awesome??????? Open-mouthed smile


Before wise man Mr Jos Kleijnen @JosKleijnen summoned the great presentations by Michael Buist and Barbara Warren showing us how to involve patients in guidelines development, Expert in Communications and Networking Adam Fields broke the ice with the ‘Networking’ game: and boy did I like that! All of a sudden, strangers started talking to strangers and with my strangemometer, I could see the levels dropping signicantly! Whoever hired and suggested to call this guy at this event needs a pay rise! Smile #WorkOnItHenceforth


I couldn’t have been happier! After all the hardwork, my heart erected at the presentation of the Low and Middle Income Group featuring the work of  @okwen @SueHuckson @wavinya66 @BrianBilalK1 #gin2015 ! When we had this idea at GIN2014, there were more of ‘..ummmm, well, you know, you see…’ but today, there were mores of ‘waoo! really? Awesome! Cool! Let’d do this…’ As a working group member, am challanged like a 5ft 35 year old dude wanting to grow 6ft, to do more! There is a lot of inconsistences in guidelines implementation, design and evaluation in our countries, but It’s a naked opportunity for bastards like me and you to make a difference. Luckily, GIN has set a table for us, we need to put our shit together and serve our selves. Smile with tongue out


Tomorrow is another day, and I, having been involved actively in the process process of integrating traditional medicine and knowledge in designing prehospital care first aid guidelines for Uganda red cross, consequently making a first aid app with an awesome team of Belgium Red Cross-Flander & American Red Cross, Im here to talk about the findings from its evaluation among private health care stakeholders. Sure as hell, it’s gonna be an awesome day and may the gods favours be on us. Now, where’s my coffee? Until tomorrow ❤



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