Participate in the World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Crash Victims 2015

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Only 4 weeks to our World Day of Remembrance (WDR) 2015!
Several events are already listed on our website –
Please send your event details via

WDR 2015 Poster and Video

This year’s poster highlights the two important anniversaries we are celebrating – 20 years since the Day began to be observed globally and 10 years since it was recognized by the UN.
The poster is offered in 20 languages via the World Day website –– for event organizers to download, print and display, along with details of their events.

Posters requested by organizations, with their own logos added, have already been sent out.
The 2015 Video will be ready shortly.

Photographs of
road crash victims for a Global Wall of Remembrance

The background to the numbers 10 and 20 on the poster are photographs of people/loved ones killed in crashes. They will all be added together to form a “Global Wall of Remembrance” on the World Day website.
We also hope that this “Wall” will be shown at some point during the Second Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety in Brasilia, taking place within days of our World Day.

We would like to add more photographs, from all countries of the world – please send them to

Your contributions to the website are important!
Apart from details of your past events, please provide photographs of local road victim memorials, testimonies by injured victims and bereaved relatives, poems and anything else to complement the website content for your continent.

Please send information of your planned events for World Day 2015 via

Social Media

Please remember to tag us on social media links as
@WDRemembrance so we can also share your events and photos
Please remember to hashtag us on all social media links as #WDR2015 so we can share your events, photos and news.

World Day Publicity
in 2014

  • 82 events from 41 countries recorded; throughout India 15 events were held, in Nigeria 4. 
  • Around 1500 likes received on the WDR facebook site over the WDR weekend
  • Strikingly, our World Day website had visitors from 181 countries
  • More than 30,000 visits since the new website was launched in September 2014 

We now have 4 weeks before the next World Day – 15th November
let`s make it even more widely known, in our own countries and globally!
And hopefully the efforts of all of us will make the streets and roads worldwide much safer for everyone.

For more information, please contact Brigitte Chaudhry, Editor of WDR website,


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