Interested in development and evaluation of clinical & pre clinical practice guidelines in #Africa? We need your views

Overall Aim

The aim of this discussion (brainstorming session) is to get ideas from G-I-N members from all over the world on how to engage stakeholders for the Africa community.  We currently seek a variety of stakeholders including ministries of health, development agencies, healthcare consumers, clinicians and knowledge translation institutions. We hope that they can share their experiences and challenges and also link us with possible funders for some of our activities especially the capacity building in development and evaluation of clinical practice guidelines in Africa.

Topic: Stakeholder engagement


i)     Learn from other communities and working groups their stakeholder engagement strategies

ii)    How to engage Stakeholders and turn it into a membership drive

iii)   Share experiences and challenges of stakeholder engagement and how to overcome them

iv)   How to put together stakeholder forums – methodologies to encourage membership


Target group:

i)       G-I-N Africa Community members

ii)     Working Groups especially LMIC

iii)    The entire G-I-N family (all G-I-N members)


Role of G-I-N members:

The members will give ideas and suggest strategies of stakeholder engagement and membership drives.

Timeline: March – end of April 2016

 Contact: Irene Maweu at or Sue Huckson at


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