#SpeakOut #RoadSafety #Uganda Campaign enters HD

In March 2015, I learnt that Professors Billy Jack and  Habyarimana had just decreased road crashes in Kenya by 50% and 60% for injuries arising from road traffic crashes! How in black Jesus’ name did they do that? They carefully consulted, designed, pretested and inserted passenger empowering messages inform of stickers in Matatus. The bad arse Professors followed the Matatus in the study and compared them with those who didnt receive the treatment. Proud guys who pretend to have studied too much call this a Randomised Control Trial. Results were too sexy that more funding came in from DIN (See https://www.georgetown.edu/news/usaid-grant-road-safety-zusha-project.html) and Booom! You guessed right… Zusha in Kenya was born. See http://zusharoadsafety.org/ for details. 😉



From L-R My team! and Focus Group Discussions 🙂


Upon contacting Prof.Habyarimana upon copying and pasting (read adapting) their work for Uganda, I learnt that the good Prof had his team from George Town University already planning to extend to Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda:-This was a match made in hell (read heaven) 🙂 :-and that was the first encounter. 😀

After a series of online interactions, we kicked off consultation of musicians, passengers from Central, Eastern, and Western Uganda today with one heck of objective: To discuss and test different project names, sticker messages and images with participants from Uganda’s four regions in order to produce a sticker that responds to the varied language and cultural differences in Uganda. This is easier said than done…but as hell knows, it’s the damn good beginning.. 😛


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