“Smoking #Marlboro is way better”, He knew…or So he thought

“Marlboro is a light cigarette and healthier for you”, he rapped as I tried to hide that, What The Hell look have you drank this morning. Sometimes, it feels refreshing, on a Monday, listening to some undiluted bullshit from humans especially when one is full time living in a 35degrees Celsius furnace perfectly endowed with echoing reports of development humanitarian NGOs/workers being mugged, killed or assaulted. 55 Seconds later, I manage to compose myself before shooting “Dude, where’s your evidence?” :O

Source: Facebook


He curves his small black stained lips kinda reminding me of a sick dog I saw on my way to office, released yet another puff before delivering a professor-like presentation. “Malboro cigarettes only contain 0.1 mg of nicotine compared to 0.8mg of the other trash. Literally, we’re safer!”, he proudly explained. :O

I’m an ardent fan of Peter Dinklage and it’s such humans that perhaps inspired him in the movie “The Boss” Fet Mellissa Mc Carthy to ‘Kill a man in Costa Rica with a sword’.  I mean, if I were a betting man, I’d bet my last dollar that the Bible made an error listing man as the most intelligent animal on earth yet he was the last to be created. Amen. What bothers me is that both ends of his tail were a dead duck:-like many of his type. Come on, if you’re going to explain your habits, at the very least, respect yourself to know the very facts. I have read Rumours of the best managed country in Africa compelling my pathetically well defined life to migrate to Botswana to live with civilized people? Wait, that’s another story…LMAO 😀

A regular pack of cigarettes contains 8 to 20 milligrams of nicotine. From this only 0.95 mg is absorbed when it each cigarette is smoked according to cigarette data from a wide range of places including CDC. Marlboro on the other hand, has lesser nicotine content at 0.8 mg.  But don’t fall for that shit. The total absorbed amount of nicotine that you actually absorb is relatively constant for ALL CIGARETTES. Only my cat would beg for pardon to state that the number of cigarettes you smoke has a direct impact on how much nicotine is in your bloodstream. Literally, the more you smoke, the more nicotine that you have in your system. And yes Malboro like many of the ‘light’ cigarettes cause cancers. You’d be kidding yourself if you thought otherwise.

See,   in 1979 an enthusiastic young scientist named Victor DeNoble was recruited by Phillip Morris to develop a “safer” cigarette, one that would reduce smoking’s harmful effects on the heart. He succeeded. In the process he discovered that cigarettes are highly addictive—a claim that the tobacco industry had been denying for years. When he revealed the discovery, Phillip Morris pulled the plug on his research, banned DeNoble and his colleagues from publishing their findings, and fired them. Director Charles Evans, Jr.’s documentary, “Addiction Incorporated, chronicles”:- is a story of DeNoble’s attempt to use science to help take down one of the largest and deadliest industries in the world  (http://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes prevention/risk/tobacco/light-cigarettes-fact-sheet)

Today, we know that when you burn sugars, you form acetaldehyde. Phillip Morris was the only company who discovered a second molecule that sustains addiction—and they are the only company who added sugars to their cigarette. In the process, Marlboro became the best-selling cigarette in the entire world. Cheers to that! 😀


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