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Spotlight on… Disability rights around the world
 In the last 70 years there has been progress on rights for disabled people – but it’s been slow work – and there’s still a long way to go.
New on the network
Why is the Bolivian government turning water cannon on disabled protesters?
A long-running protest over benefits has resulted in a heavy-handed response by police in Bolivia. Where will it end?
Being classified as a terrorist threat makes me feel excluded
Working for an international organisation means a lot of flights – but travelling with a wheelchair and assistance dog is…
How Jo Cox bested Peter Mandelson, and other loving memories
From the very beginning of Jo Cox’s career as a campaigner, she was stubborn, fearless, but most of all loving
 In the news
Zika: Demand for abortions is soaring in countries hit by the virus, finds a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine

Nigeria: MSF have reported a “catastrophic humanitarian emergency” at Bama camp for people fleeing Boko Haram in Nigeria

Bill Gates: The Microsoft philanthropist gave 100,000 chickens away. Good idea or not?

“As someone with MS who only travels for holidays and has experienced many problems with airports, including lost and damaged mobility equipment, I am hugely impressed that you are persevering! The emotional impact of these repeated difficulties is considerable. I am made more aware of my disability when traveling than at any other time and feel totally powerless. Good luck with your future travel.”

– SarahWebley in response to Being classified as a terrorist threat makes me feel excluded

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bureaucracy and aid
Tell us your stories of bureaucracy in aid

As the humanitarian sector has become more risk averse, how has this affected your work? We want to hear from all different types of development and humanitarian professionals, whether you work for a tiny NGO, a big UN agency or are based in philanthropy or the private sector. Submit your stories here by Saturday 25 June

Breaking down barriers to HIV/Aids treatment
Register for this seminar in Durban, to discuss ways to improve access to HIV/Aids treatment in Africa
Director of media
Red Cross
Full time, permanent
London, UK
Red Cross
Resident representative
International Planned Parenthood Federation
Full time, permanent
Geneva, Switzerland
From our partners
Every Child Learning – a student’s perspective
Pearson and Save the Children are working together to help increase educational opportunities for children in conflict and emergencies
Why education is so important in emergencies
The call for improving education in emergencies is increasing, and a new fund to help was recently launched at the…
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