Applications OPEN: Regional Youth Consultation on Project 2016 Year of Human Rights With a Particular Focus on the Rights of Women

youthbanenr.jpgDo you want to contribute to the AU’s African Governance Architecture (AGA)? – Youth Engagement Strategy is an action-oriented document focused on elevating the African youth voices on issues that highly affect their present as well as their future. As this year commemorates the “African Year of Human Rights with particular focus on the Rights of Women” it is important to give these issues high ground as they are the centerpiece for the respect and protection of fundamental human rights in the continent.

In an effort to bring youth together and contribute to this agenda, four regional youth consultations are organized in Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern and Central Africa hoping to bring more than 120 young men and women together. The consultations will help provide a platform for aggregating youth concerns, insights and perspectives on advancing human rights on the continent and the roles young people can play. The consultations will also be an opportunity for youth to provide input for the 10 Year Human Rights Strategy, which will be a guiding framework for collective action by the AU, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and member states aimed at strengthening the African human rights system and seeking to address the current challenges of the African human rights system. In addition, the consultations will provide youth with an opportunity to aggregate their voices, incites and realities into the Youth Engagement Strategy which will bring in the human rights based component to the human rights clusters within the governance structure.

More info and application procedures here:


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