First Impressions of #Dhaka #CoxBazar #Bangladesh

By the nature and nurture of who Iam, I dont ever aim to ‘judge a book by it’s cover’. But again, if the cover of the book is boring, most often that not, very few click to read it. While studying health economics during my masters class, my lecturer used to say ‘Packaging is everything’. 

With some of my team members arriving Cox’s Bazar (Photo Credits: MJ Alferez)


After a great and comfortable flight with Fly Emirates (What would anyone expect more from them) from Entebbe to Dhaka via Dubai, today was one of those days where you ‘get out of town’. Out of town we did croozing with my colleagues to Cox’s Bazar. By the time we arrived here, I was 12 hours older! Over the road, I managed to have afew impressions which may be wrong or right 🙂

  1. Hooting!!! From the Airport to our residence at BRAC Learning Centre in Dhaka, our driver hooted my life experience record 47 times! That’s alot considering that we only drove about 9km! He was hooting at everyone , cars,  in front behind or sideways.
  2. No roads for 2 wheeled vehycles & pedestrians!!! Two wheeled vehycles are a big deal here! In South Sudan, we call them Rakshas. Here, they way too many along with bicycles and motocycles. Pedestrians especially women, elderly and children have to rub shoulders with bigger vehycles competing for the small roads. I wonder what’s the crash rates are in here :O
  3. Locally made buses!!! This is the first time Im in a country making buses locally along the road. On our way to Cox’s Bazar, I noticed what looked like a garage with young men working on a body of an old bus. I noticed similar buses are being used for public transport and boy they (many of them) aint got no indicators behind! Therefore, the conductor (and very rarely the driver) have to manually point to the oncoming cars which way they are turning. When it’s get night…this could turn out to be another episode of the hunger games.

    The locally made buses with no indicators
  4. Alot of green and trees in towns! Bangladesh could have the most green-looking towns in the world. This is not an exaggeration! Along every town we passed by, there’re alot of healthy, mature and strong trees at the centre. Many countries could borrow a leaf from this country.

    This is one of the centres of one of the towns we passed through 🙂
  5. The Country is generally FLAT! Well, I haven’t seen the rest of the countryside, but I havent seen not even a hill. It’s generally flat and there’s water ponds like almost every 200m along the road. A Bangladesh friend told me that previously (the last 20 years), the country was relying fully on agriculture but now are changing goal posts to industrialisation.

Tomorrow is another day to start our training. I look forward with anticipation 😛


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  1. Thank you for sharing, but the big trees were once in Gulu, about two or three on a street. Because they inhabited Marabou stork, they had to do away with them.

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