Commitments to Action Report – Outcomes of the @WHSummit

Commitments to Action Report
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During the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit, held from 23 to 24 May 2016 in Istanbul, participants announced thousands of commitments to turn UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Agenda for Humanity and its five core responsibilities into reality.
The Commitments to Action report provides an analysis of the commitments made as part of the Summit process. It gives an overall picture of the shifts advocated for in the Agenda for Humanity that generated the most momentum and commitments and highlights examples of those pledges.*
Download the Commitments to Action Report


Two types of commitments were gathered before, during and after the Summit. The first type is expressions of alignment to 32 core commitments, developed for each of the seven Highlevel Leaders’ Roundtables of the Summit and in support of the 24 strategic, operational and policy shifts called for in the Agenda for Humanity

Stakeholders were also invited to make additional individual or joint commitments to support implementation of one or more of the core commitments, or more broadly to advance the Agenda for Humanity.

Key figures

  • 3140 individual and joint commitments were made by 185 stakeholders
  • The majority of the individual and joint commitments were pledged by NGOs (38%) followed by Member States (29%)
  • Changing People’s Lives: From Delivering Aid to Ending Need received the most amount of commitments (30%)
  • Political Leadership to Prevent and End Conflict received the least amount
    of commitments (8%)
  • 216 stakeholders aligned themselves with at least one of the 32 core commitments
  • On average stakeholders aligned themselves to 11 core commitments
Download the Commitments to Action Report

Snapshots from the Report

Download the Commitments to Action Report
* This report includes alignments to core commitments registered through the WHS online commitments platform or by email up until 4 June 2016. Since the core commitments are anchored in the Secretary-General’s Agenda for Humanity, UN entities were not included in any figures related to alignment to core commitments. Individual and joint commitments catalogued up until 16 August 2016 have been factored into this analysis. The process of verifying individual and joint commitments with stakeholders is ongoing so this number is subject to change.

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