First week of #December withers off …Phew!#DRR #Resilience #EPR

And just like that, the first week of December withers off …Phew! Time flies when you are results focused. That reminds me we Gunners have a tricky tie today against Stoke City:-a team which has a reputation for playing ‘long ball rugby’. Dare I mention, what’s needed is 3 points, no excuses. 🙂

Shots from Partners for #Resilience meeting in Muyenga featuring @SSRCS @CARE @UgandaRedCross @RCClimate 🌎

At the beginning of the week, I’d a chance to represent the Uganda Red Cross Society to a planning workshop on Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management related to Oil and Gas in Uganda. It was organised by Office of Prime Minister & Norwegian Coastal Agencies at Hotel Africana in Kampala. Throughout the workshop, I kept reflecting on how local communities could be better prepared to alert and respond to emergencies related to Oil & Gas. This is part of surveillance mechanisms which, as we say in public health are inspired by communities. Despite the ‘good discussions and plans’, I look forward to concrete actions including capacity development agenda interms of knowledge, skills, equipment and sustainability agenda.

Towards the end of the week, I was excited to be involved in understanding the Partners for Resilience Programme inspired by ClimateCentre and Netherlands Red Cross in Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. The main partners include Cordaid (lead agency), Care and Wetlands International. It was refreshing seeing my colleagues from S.Sudan (from S.Sudan Red Cross) and Kenya (Kenya Red Cross). This programme will mainly be working on policy advocacy for humanitarian action.

I’m however, sad not to be present for the duration of our co-organised International Committee of the Red Cross Emergency Preparedness & Response training for our volunteers in Bidi Bidi Camp next week. But I do believe in my team and I know they will deliver just like my supervisor trusts me. I now look up to the forthcoming Anglophone Africa Region Road Safety Data workshop in Nairobi and how it relates to improvement of our work back in Uganda. But this looks insane and I love it. 😛

The new year looks horribly great! 😉



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