Closing January DOWN and It’s a One Star Performance

I blink and January is over citing evidence from sighs-of-relief from hundreds of salary earners on my tweetdeck! 😀 Congrats. Hold on a second, what have we (you) done with it?

When January 1st was being born, I was coiled up in my bed intermittently being harassed by fireworks, social media boops and threats from our most religious folks who declare every year as your ‘Breakthru YEAR’ without throwing the evidence at your face:-that’s right for we know that if you don’t change the way you were last year, you got no cat in hell’s chance of making this your YEAR either.

Only 1 star for my January Performances

In January, I’ve attended to 32 meetings both internally and externally at individual and group level:-that amounts to 1 meeting everyday. I have 2 questions to myself:-

  1. What have I done with the outcomes?
  2. How have these meetings benefited the local person who’s afraid of providing the basic needs for himself and family? Isn’t that the whole concept of humanity in the first place:-that daring action to impact somebody’s life?

I have been contemplating with myself, and looking thru my meetings tracker, I see no results yet trickling down:-It’s been a month of preparing, getting to know the donors, looking at other opportunities for networks, and getting to know how my programming colleagues work. Besides, inter programming is underlooked but IFRC’s Community Resilience Framework emphasises it and so does the URCS Disaster Risk Management Directorate.

Every development freak I meet is talking about road safety in the communities, and how we can be more effective:-we made that addition to the World Humanitarian Summit Final Report but I’m not sure to what extent agencies and multilaterals are supporting this:-there should be an FBI-like secret service to follow up on such events, but wait…there is something called Accountability Index:-Last time out, I worked with them to develop an updated Global Accountability Index. I’ll keep an eye out.

At the continental level, folks at #28thAUSummit talked about #AUFinancing, but unless we’re able to fund 100% of our AU & Programmes, we’re still colonised. Chad and Benin took over the AU & AUC leadership much to the disappointment of my Kenyan friends who invested in an Amina Mohammed:-better luck next time. Meanwhile, to my learned American friends, are you sure you’re in AMERICA? 😕 This is getting as demeaning as the arse of a rat. 😀

Cheers to February 🙂


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