Reporting back from @IFRCAfrica RDRT Specialised Shelter Training #Kigali #Rwanda

With some colleagues celebrating having completed an emergency shelter construction 😉

It’s a long overdue post, but I’ll defiantly post it nevertheless. it’s worth of mention 😀

Between 12th-20th February 2017, I had a chance to be nominated by my National Society (Uganda Red Cross) to participate in the RDRT Specialised Shelter Training for Anglophone National Societies in Kigali, Rwanda organised by IFRC-Africa & Geneva Office:-Shelter Units, hosted by Croix Rouge Rwanda. Just to be clear, RDRT is acronym for Regional Disaster Response Team:-a group of ever-ready professionals who could be deployed at very short notice to support in responding to a number of emergencies:-shelter needs in this case. I missed a chance to be RDRT member on health, so I could literally break a leg if I couldn’t make it for this! 🙂

I’ll first bore you (because I know you’re interested in mischief :D) with the key takeaways from the training

Demonstrable knowledge on Shelter in Emergencies

  • Design and development and implementation of shelter response in emergency settings
  • IFRC response tools; especially DREF, DMIS, Appeals
  • Planning, monitoring and implement emergency plans of action (EPoA); and
  • Understanding of the RDRT system and skills required for deployments to support disaster response and NS capacity building for disaster response.
  • Integration of gender, diversity, community engagement and accountability standards, tools and approaches in emergency operations

Demonstrable Practical Skills:

  • Setting up of emergency shelter
  • Initiating DREF, DMIS, Appeals
  • Training of affected communities, staff and volunteers on emergency shelter
  • Practical skills as trainer in PASSA (Participatory Approach on Shelter Awareness & Sanitation Awareness)

Next steps

  • We shall have to include Shelter Training to RCAT package especially in Flood & Refugee prone branches as well as chances to train our volunteers in PASSA

About the mischiefs: Whoa, none other than:-

Someone, “Hey, so may be we can switch seats as the AC is affecting me’

Me “You want me to sit there full time?”

Someone (At heart), “Who the hell is this guy?” 😀 😀 😀

Happy and productive new month 😛


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