Where is the periodic table for these #humanitarian aid abbreviations?

Last week, I had a chance to participate in an ECHO Training on “Preparing for Action-The Single Form” at Kabira Country Club in Kampala, Uganda. Every house has it’s own rules so does every donor and RULES especially on accessing their funding. Everyone is looking for it and it’s a measure of success for any manager in this often revolving field. Overtime, I seem to be finding more questions than solutions to my own challenges in the humanitarian sector. 😦

Illustration by Robert Krulwich

My participation in and the processes leading to the World Humanitarian Summit 2016 helped me understand more structural challenges to making humanitarian aid more effective. Our argument during the Global Youth Consultation-Doha that gave birth to the Doha Youth Declaration to the World Humanitarian Summit was more about localising aid and improving response time. Amidst this however, is the challenge of paper work needed to get funds. Here’re a few questions I still haven’t found answers just yet. :O

  1. Where is the periodic table for these humanitarian aid abbreviations? 😥 In Chemistry, we (Chemists) have all our abbreviations properly engraved in a periodic table which is updated should we find a new element! With all these abbreviations (Both legal and Illegal, formal and informal), we need a humanitarian periodic table!
  2. When are we going to see an African Funding Body? Americas, Asia,  and Europe have countless of these but I might be reading my book upside down because Iam yet to see one in Africa. 🐸
  3. Why do donors have no single universal proposal funding and reporting format? The amount of time and resources spent on training new staff and volunteers on the funding mechanisms of 10+ donors is enormous. I remember during the Global Consultation to World Humanitarian SummitGeneva, there was a session on reshaping aid and funding. Although, the issue of a simple and universal proposal and reporting format was discussed, it as though we left it in Geneva 😀

Nevertheless, it was an experience learning about the  famous Single Form of EUROPEAN CIVIL PROTECTION AND HUMANITARIAN AID OPERATIONS and am sure it will be put to Action. A new week has arrived, gotta get it right.

#StaySafe ❤


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