Key Presentations :D

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I have a few presentations some of which are published. Here’re afew notable ones. 😉

  • Mwebaze KB (2016) The case for Space Project: Findings on youth and livelihoods, Presented at High Level Breakfast meeting 6th April 2016, Sheraton Hotel, Kampala
  • Mwebaze KB (2016) Evidence from Case for Space Research Project & Its Implication to Youth Programming in Uganda, Presented at Brac Conference, 14th April 2016, Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Kampala, Uganda
  • Mwebaze K.B (2015) Utilisation of First Aid Guidelines App among Private Stakeholders in Mbarara, Uganda: Presented at Guidelines International Network, Amsterdam 2016
  • Mwebaze K. B and De Buck (2014) Prehospital care in developing countries, Presented at Guidelines International Network Conference in Melbourne, 20th-23rd August 2014
  • Mwebaze K.B (2014) Integrating Women in Emergency Response: A programme for the Uganda Red Cross: Published in the 4th Road Traffic Injuries Network Global News Letter
  • Mwebaze K.B (2013) Building Emergence Child Birth Prehospital Skills of local young people in Uganda:-A personal experience with the Uganda Red Cross: Key note address at the 28th First Aid Convention Europe in Wels, Austria, 14th-16th June 2013
  • Mwebaze K.B (2012) Emergency Medical Care-Why young people are a magic pill. A presentation at the 2nd Southern Africa Conference on Road Safety, Johannesburg South Africa 23rd -28th October 2012
  • Mwebaze K.B (2012) Findings from crowdoutaids sourcing on global reproductive health strategy: A presentation at UNAIDS 30th Programme Coordinating Board Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Mwebaze K.B (2011) African Youth In Water, Sanitation & Hygiene-The Uganda Experience: Key note address at the 3rd African Conference on water and sanitation, Kigali Rwanda 17th-21st July 2011
  • Mwebaze K.B (2011) Impact of school based HIV/AIDS peer education in Luweero district, Master of Public Health Dissertation. Published by Institute of health policy and management, International Health Sciences University
  • Mwebaze K.B (2010) Community Health Corps-The Real Doctors: Key note experience sharing at the International health conference, University of Pennsylvania
  • Mwebaze K.B (2008) Hygienic status of milk in Mbarara district-A step for effective public health risk communication, Bsc dissertation defense, faculty of Science, Mbarara University of Science and Technology
  • Mwebaze K.B et al (2006) Sanitation, Malnutrition and Immunization levels in Kinoni Sub County, Mbarara district, Presented to Mbarara University of Science and Technology Department of community health and Health Child Uganda.
  • Mwebaze K.B (2005) The Peer educator in another culture -Lessons learnt from Zambia, A presentation to final evaluation of UNAIDS Youth Delegate Placement

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